Role of Kindergarten Teachers During the mealtime in achieving the nutritional knowledge of Kindergarten Children in Afif city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Document Type : Original Article


Assistant Professor and Head of Home Economics, Faculty of Education of Afif, Shakra University, Saudi Arabia


 he study aimed to identify the role of kindergarten teachers during the mealtime in providing nutritional knowledge of the kindergarten child. To achieve this, a descriptive method was used. The questionnaire was used as data collection tool. The sample consisted of (60) Kindergarten Teachers. In the analysis of the data, the study showed that the tool obtained an average of (2. 95 from 4. 00) and at the field level Axis concept of nutritional knowledge (2. 88). Followed by the difficulty of kindergarten teachers during the mealtime, teachers were at an average of (2.49). Both of which are rated (High), while very high on (kindergarten teacher practices during the mealtime at an average of (3.46).The teachers also showed that the meals attended by the children are healthy and that there is awareness among the families about the type of food provided to the children. In the light of the results of this study, a number of recommendation and suggestions are made to introduce the food culture of the child as judges in the rehabilitation and training of nannies and teachers.