Keywords = Obesity
Evaluation of the connection among Dietary intake and lipid profile parameters in obese children

Volume 63, Issue 1, June 2024, Pages 130-149

Shaimaa A Abd Elwahab; El-Sayed H Eltamany; Awatif M Abdel-maksoud; Hanaa H El-Sayed; Sally M Fouad

Impact of Nutritional Modifications and Sports on Metabolic Indicators and the Physique in Women with Obesity

Volume 63, Issue 1, June 2024, Pages 150-173

Basma M Abdel-Monem; Heba S Abdelhaliem; Hanady G Sheha

Evaluation of dietary modification on metabolic markers and body composition for obese women

Volume 62, Issue 2, December 2023, Pages 86-106

Maymona A Elkhalifa; Alia AF Atia; Adel AA Badr; Samia AA Loulah; Mona K Abo Hussein; Hind S AboShabaan

Assessment of Some Dietary Elements and Serum Minerals in Asthmatic Children Attending the Outpatient Clinic of National Nutrition Institute

Volume 49, Issue 1, November 2017, Pages 1-23

Azza Saleh; Zeinab AbdElaal; Hoda Abdelsalam; Wafaa Ismail; Amany Abou-Elalla; Sahar Khairy