Assessment of physical properties and sensory attributes of extruded corn snacks mixed with barley and supplemented with (guar and xanthan) gums.

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Food Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Egypt.


Corn snacks mixed with barley flour in addition to guar and xanthan gumswere evaluated for their physical and sensory properties. Snacks samples were processed using corn grits mixed with 5% barley flour and (0.5-1%) guar gum or xanthan gum using traditional extrusion system conditions. The extruded samples were tested instrumentally direct after processing and at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months' storage (at room temperature) for bulk density, expansion ratio, shear force (hardness) and color. Sensory evaluation was made for snacks color, chewiness, surface characteristics and general appearance. Samples fortified with guar gum recorded the highest value of expansion ratio and shear force 2.82 cm and 16.1kg/cm² respectively. Xanthan gum had the lowest texture shear force values 14.7kg/cm² comparing control 15.3kg/cm² and recorded 2.61cm expansion comparing 2.25cm for control. Adding gum increased bulk density values from 0.52g/cm³ up to 0.69g/cm³. Sample mixed with guar and xanthan gums recorded the higher acceptability scores by panelists than other tested samples.