Preparation of dried kofta formula from small size shrimp meat

Document Type : Original Article


Meat & Fish Technol. Res. Dept., Food Technology Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, Giza, Egypt


The purpose of this study was to utilize small size shrimp meat for new products characterize with high nutritional value and easy preparation, beside to added value for small size shrimp. Small size shrimp meat was and used three formulas, formula1 (F1= dried shrimp meat 45% dried potato 35%), formula2 (F2= dried shrimp meat 50% and dried potato 30%) and formula3 (F3= dried shrimp meat 55% and dried potato 25%). Other ingredients were added to all formulas with the same percentage. The products were analysis for gross composition ,cholesterol content, water holding capacity (WHC), plasticity, rehydration ratio, cooking loss, water activity, thiobarbituric acid (TBA), total volatile nitrogen (TVN) and sensory evaluation were analyzed. The obtained results showed that F1 was the highest content of moisture and carbohydrates followed by F2 and F3. While, F3 was the highest content of protein, fat and ash followed F2 and F1, respectively. F3 was the highest level of cholesterol followed by F2 and F1, where recorded 45.125, 40.61 and 29.81 (mg/ 100g), respectively. All formulas F1, F2 and F3 were accepted for TBA and TVN. F3 was the best value of WHC, plasticity, cooking loss, rehydration ratio, water activity and total bacteria count (as quality properties) followed by F2 and F1. All samples were accepted by sensory evaluation. Where the results showed that the formula F3 was the highest significantly in score of taste and odor, followed by F2 and F1 .Meanwhile, non significant differences of Sensory evaluation score of color, texture and overall acceptability between all formulas (F3, F2 and F1).