Chemical and Nutrient Evaluation of Moringa Oleifera Seed and Oil Cultivated in Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


1 Functional Foods Department, National Institute of Nutrition Canada, Ottawa

2 Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Department, Horticultural Research Institute (H.R.I) ARC; National Gene Bank (N.G.B.)

3 Food Science and Technology Department , faculty of Agriculture, Al Azhar university, Cairo ,Egypt


This study was conducted on the extraction of oil from the plant Moringa oleifera cultivated under Egyptian conditions in three places, is the North Sinai Governorate (NS), Ismailia (IS), Minya (MA province). The aim was to study and evaluate effective nutritive value in the extracted seed oils Moringa oleifera, chemical and physical study of those components, 20 kg of ripe seeds were collected from three places (SN), (IS), (MA) and oil extraction, store at - 20 ° C until used. The results proved to contain Moringa oleifera seed to 40.2% by weight in favor of oils for human use next to contain nutrients granted retain vitality and viability of storage for a long time .The values (iodine - refractive index - saponification value - the values of density - viscosity) do not have difference in the three sites under study. The values free fatty acids (FFA), show good resistance to oil degradation compared to the values of olive oil, corn oil, cotton oil, peanut oil. The values of peroxide with low values indicating a resistance to oil, Moringa oleifera from oxidation during storage, making it the important nutritional oils to store and persistence chemically, study proved that tocopherol values (α- γ-δ-) and the image of high values, was tocopherol - α (126.1- 127) milligrams, so it has a greater vitamin (E) well compared to other oils such as coconut 17 mg, sunflower 7 mg. The fatty acids (FA) in Moringa oleifera oils containing oleic acid (C18: 1) up to 74.4% and is considered the best by comparing other. The presence of beta-sitosterol (β-sitosterol) one of the important and which play an important role in the metabolism within the body and is an important and active ingredient for patients with high cholesterol and triglycerides and diseases of atherosclerosis and heart disease, obesity, food Sterols.