Evaluation of Beetroot Juice Blends with Carrot and Apple Juice as Healthy Beverage

Document Type : Original Article


Special Food and Nutrition Dept., Food Technology Research Institute, Agric. Res. Center, Giza, Egypt


The consumption of beetroot juice may lower blood pressure (BP) and therefore reduce the risk of cardiovascular events. The aim of this study was to produce of beetroot juice blends with carrot and apple juice as healthy beverage and new product as a reduction in BP. Juices from beetroot (Beta vulgaris), carrot (Drocus carota), and apple (Mallus Pumilla Fam.) were optimized to a blended beverage which was pasteurized (90°C for 25 sec) and stored for 21 days in glass bottles at refrigerated temperature. Physic-chemical and sensory analysis was evaluated. Marginal changes in pH, total soluble solids, acidity, vitamin C and total carotenoids were observed. The highest content of total carotenoids in the beetroot, carrot, and apple juice blends of 50:20:30 (V/V/V) (T4) was found (55.03mgL-1) to be increased with increasing the proportion of carrot juice. Estimation of vitamin C content of the same sample at 21 day (30.40mg/100ml) showed high improvement in nutritional value of beetroot juice incorporated with carrot and apple juice. The mean nitrate and nitrite levels in the juices ranged from 0.005 to 0.002mg/L and 0.092 to 0.005 mg/L. during storage period; respectively. The mean overall acceptability scores of more than 8 for juice samples up to 30% apple juice incorporation indicated the commercial scope for manufacturing good and nutritious beetroot juice blended with carrot and apple juice, which will also be helpful in providing dietary requirement of beta carotene to the consumer. Heat pasteurization was effective for inactivating the microbial flora. However, the shelf life of juice was established within 21 days. The product is recommended for children, youth and elderly persons to be used within 21 days.