Utilization of Fish Bone and Egg Shell to Nutritional support of Baton Sale

Document Type : Original Article


Home Economics Dept., Faculty of Specific Education, Mansoura University, Egypt.


Fish bone and egg shell are considered as waste products. Thus, reprocessing and eventual utilization of waste products have beneficial uses rather than their discharge to the environment which cause detrimental environmental effects. Fish bone and egg shell could be utilized as dietary calcium source and added to the produce calcium-rich bakery product (Baton sale'). Baton sale' was prepared from wheat flour supplemented by fish Tilapia bone and chicken egg shell in two concentrations 5% and 7%. Chemical composition of (wheat flour, egg shell and fish bone) and the fortified baton sale' products were measured. The nutritional value and sensorial properties were evaluated. The results indicated that addition of fish bone or egg shell powder gave a pronounced increase in gross chemical composition of baton Sale' as compared to control. Also most of the mineral increased than control especially Ca. All sensory evaluations were acceptable for all fortified baton Sale' as bakery products. The percentage calculated of the examine minerals were on percentage of RDA. Egg shell powder and fish bone are an appropriate and cheap source of calcium for human nutrition and easily prepared at home.