Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) during the Production of Mango Juice and Mango Pulp

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National Nutrition Institute.


Fifty five sample (40 sample from juices and 15 swab)
collected from juices company in Cairo that were
examined during the application of Good Manufacturing
Practices (GMP) of mango juices and mango pulp included
swabs of the food handlers, equipment and walls. The aerobic
total count was 3x103 cfu from wall, 5x103 cfu from food handlers
and was 5x104 from equipment coliform count was 3x103 from
wall, 2x103 cfu from food handler and 5x105 from equipment
while mold and yeast was 5 x 105 from walls, 3 x 104 from food
handlers and 5x104 from equipment. After application of those
practices, the samples from mango juices and mango pulp
became safe and free from pathogenic microorganisms. Also,theresults show the final products were safe.