Evaluation of Feeding Barley and Flaxseed Germinated with Beetroot powder on Heart Disorders in Rats

Document Type : Original Article


Nutrition and Food Science Department, Faculty of Specific Education, Matrouh University


This new research wanted to determine the effect of barley and flax seeds germinated with beetroot powder in equal amounts added to the standard diet on cardiovascular disease risk factors. Thirty-six adult male Sprague-Dawley rats were separated into two main groups; the first group, consisting of 6 rats, served as the negative dominance set and was fed a standard diet. To induce cardiovascular disease (CVD) second group of 30 rats received a diet and were injected with Adriamycin (ADM) twice weekly via intraperitoneal (IP) injection. The second group was divided into five groups as a following: 6 rats in the first grouping followed a diet as a representative of a positive control group. Flaxseed and barley germinate individually mixed with beetroot (in similar amounts) were added to the diet at different levels (5 and 10%), respectively, for 28 days in the 2ed, 3ed 4th, and 5th groups, respectively. The findings showed that previously fortified diet feeding of rats improved sera antioxidants and liver enzymes, and lowered lipid profile levels by a significant (P <0.05) degree. In conclusion, the present study indicated that barley and flaxseed germinated with beetroot ameliorate blood vessel health and lower the risk of CVD. The histological examination supported the improved impact of this mixture on both liver and cardiac status.


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