Review: Nanotechnology in Food Industry

Document Type : Comprehensive Review


1 Clinical Nutrition Department, National Nutrition Institute, Cairo, Egypt

2 Food Chemistry and Metabolism Department, National Nutrition Institute, Cairo, Egypt

3 El-Menshawy General Hospital –Tanta- Egypt


Nanotechnology nearly covered every single aspect of the food industry including packing and processing of food, it affects contribution, development, and sustainability in the food sector by advanced technology. Nanotechnology uses materials and structures at the nanometer scale. The application of nanotechnology enables food preservation, increases the expiration date, and facilitates nutrition enrichment. Despite the benefits of nanotechnology, there are vital concerns regarding its usage, since the buildup of nanoparticles (NPs) in humans and the environment may result in various safety and health hazards. The toxicological basics and risk evaluation of nanomaterials should be thoroughly investigated in novel foods. A lot of work is needed to raise community awareness about the usage of nanoparticles in food and their impact on health


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