Quality Characteristics of Black Olive Paste with Natural Flavors “Dried Basil and Tomatoes”

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Food science Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University


Commercial pickled black olives were prepared into paste after pitting, washing, grinding and natural flavors (Dried Basil and Tomatoes) were added each at 10% of paste. Flavored paste was filled in glass jars covered with olive oil and stored for 180days at room temperature. Olive paste samples were analyzed for physicochemical properties and sensory
evaluation.PH values of the pastes were ranged 3.20 to 4.30.There were significant difference between olive paste without addition and olive paste with basil after 180days of storage, on other hand the olive paste with dried tomatoes
had no significant difference after storage. HPLC results show differences of phenolic compounds between pastes. The processing and storage time increased the chromaticity coordinate L*, a* and b* in the samples. Texture analysis showed
significant difference only of olive paste with dried tomatoes.Sensory evaluation appeared some of differences of samples, the odor of olive paste with basil andappearance of olive paste with tomatoeshad a highly pleasant, but the olive
paste without addition had ahighly pleasant of taste and overall acceptability.