Utilization of Some Fruits and Vegetables Pulp in Processing (Sheets’ Sweets Pieces) Products.

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Food Technology Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, Giza, Egypt.


Fresh fruits have a short harvest season and are sensitive to deterioration therefore are made fruit sheets to preserve them by adding to them many additives and preservatives.  They eaten as snacks or desserts and have a concentrated fruit flavor and nutritional aspects. This study making sheets' sweets pieces from (pulp, juices) of some fruits and vegetables compared to commercial sheets and blank sheets done. These made by stimulating pectin during adding lemon salt, lemon juice and a little sugar without any additives and preservatives. Results that, vitamin C of golden berries sheets sample was the highest value. Total sugars of persimmon and wholly prickly pear sheets were the highest value but the other pumpkin  sheets sample including control had value were less. Total antioxidants activity for the most of sheets samples are no significantly differences except persimmon sheets had low as that of control sheets. The most of sheets samples are involved of both macronutrients and micro- minerals content. The reconstitution ratio that there are significantly differences between all sheets samples compared to the control and blank sample. Panel test it indicated that there are slight significantly differences in between sheets samples compared to control and blank while the blank and samples exceed the control. The study recommend that did not use any binding materials. The results indicated that this new idea tended to direct remedy with the same components of the pulp and juice, where these products could be instead of artificial sweets.                                                                          


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